I am so glad that I chose Dr. Parrish, Dr. Ingleman, and their staff for my orthodontic care. The professionalism and kindness that they show each person is unmatched. They treat you just like family the minute that you walk into the office. My brother had work done with Ingleman Parrish more than 10 years ago, and they remembered him! Impressive! If you need any type of orthodontic care, look nowhere else but here. You won’t be disappointed!

— Wes K.

Dr. Parrish and his staff are awesome!!! Plus, they gave me an amazing smile!!

— Shelley Bulington Seabolt

I can’t tell you how pleased I have been with Ingleman Parrish orthodontics! The staff is so professional while keeping the environment very relaxed and personal. This is the place to go if you need orthodontics! Thanks to Dr. Parrish and your amazing staff!

— Teri W.

One word: EXCELLENT! Dr. Parrish and all of the staff at the office are AWESOME! Each and everyone of them made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in for the consultation. They all treat you like family and genuinely care about your teeth, smile, and YOU! I never dreaded going in for a visit because of how nice everyone was. I would recommend anyone and everyone go to Ingleman Parrish Orthodontics! I LOVE my smile and have the whole staff to thank for that.

— Shelley B.

I got my braces yesterday and what a process! It’s hard to remember step by step what was done but I will try my best. First was about 15-20 minutes of set-up time. After that it was drying my mouth out and putting this blue paste-like stuff on my teeth, it tasted like a really sour, Sour Patch kid. It was kind of grain-like. After excessive drying out my mouth, it was next applying the brackets. They went over my teeth with some type of heat-light gun. As silly as that sounds.

After that and rinsing a few times it came time to choose what color rubber bands I wanted and then it was time to put the wires on. It was very tight at first but after a couple minutes it went away. It just feels like the wires are hugging all of my teeth together.

I also have speed bumps on my back molars to prop my mouth up so I don’t bite my braces off. I also have springs in two separate parts of my mouth to push some teeth apart in order to make room for other ones to be added to the wires, and it might take two appointments to get those on a wire.

The day after getting them put on my mouth is very sore and tender; it hurts to really eat anything. And I’m hoping in the next two or three days I’ll be able to eat something other than mushy baby food. My next appointment is in 6 weeks. I can’t wait to see the progress between now and then.

— Cheyenne G.

I got my braces off yesterday, and what a great feeling! My experience with Ingleman Parrish Orthodontics has been amazing! Two of my sisters have had braces in the past, but we received treatments from a local family dentistry. My sisters had their braces on for years and years with the promise of ‘getting them off soon.’ Our experience was not pleasant at all. Now that we’ve experienced Ingleman Parrish, we regret not coming sooner! I would highly, highly recommend getting all ortho work done here. All staff, including the doctor, are very friendly and make you feel comfortable and at ease. I would not hesitate to go through the whole process again with this office!

— Kelsey

My son was 7 at his first appointment. He had an expander and partial braces. The staff and Dr. Parrish were great with him. It is an ordeal for a younger person to go through this process. Everyone was wonderful. My son was rewarded for his bravery. He had a scorecard where he received points for taking care of his teeth. When he had enough points, he would choose an item from their prize board. He loved this and it made things easier for me. He didn’t fight me to go to the orthodontist. He was really looking forward to seeing how many points he would accumulate. Now he is wearing his retainer and sharing his beautiful smile with all of us. We will not be saying goodbye to this wonderful office quite yet though…. Soon, it will be our daughter’s turn.

— McKinney

I could not have hoped for a more positive experience than the past 18 months with Dr. Parrish and the team. They are experienced, professional, warm, and friendly. From the moment you walk in, one feels like ‘one of the family.’ 🙂 I posed a challenge to Dr. Parrish during my initial appointment and he exceeded my expectations and took on my treatment (coordinating with an oral surgeon and dentist for implants as well) when my children’s former orthodontist would not even consider the Invisalign process for me and recommended three years of traditional braces.

In 18 months, I have a beautiful healthy mouth and lovely new friends among the staff. It takes effort and patience as an adult to go through this process, but with THIS team it definitely is a group effort with plenty of support and encouragement during the entire process. I would do this again in a heartbeat! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart…

— T. G.

Amazing workers. Great and comfortable office. It was a wonderful first experience doing my internship with this ortho office! Will certainly be back!!! Thank you all!!! And just an FYI, I passed my midterm yesterday with an A!!!

— Ashlee Walters

Excellent experience, fantastic results! I’m in my mid-thirties. My teeth came in oddly as an adolescent. The main problem was that I had an upper canine and a lower canine come in above of the other teeth, creating a snaggle-tooth situation. This crowding also contributed to gum recession and gum sensitivity.

We didn’t have the money to fix them at the time. Since then braces had been a distant thought for me, but after years of living with these issues, I had never given it serious consideration, until recently my wife noticed the increased frequency of my complaints of gum sensitivity. I finally had the money to address the problems, and I wanted to address them before they continued to worsen.

Dr. Parrish and his staff were warm, welcoming, and very clear in their explanations, instructions, and follow-ups from beginning to end. From day one, the cheeriness of the office was apparent, which helped greatly in relaxing me and reassuring me that any and all questions and concerns were welcome, from dental care and orthodontic maintenance to billing and appointment scheduling. Everyone was a delight to interact with.

Way back when I was 18 years old, the dentist who extracted my wisdom teeth (not my current dentist) said straight teeth for me would probably mean the removal of a tooth on the upper and lower set because of all the crowding. Granted, maybe his treatment diagnosis was the best that could have been done given the state of orthodontics back then.

Fast forward years and years later to my first consultation with Dr. Parrish’s staff. To my relief, I was told that no teeth would have to be removed. Instead, they would do a kind of micro-sanding process on the relevant teeth as they were moved into place so that they would all fit. They allayed my worries about increased tooth sensitivity from the process.

For my first consultation, they made it clear that there was no expectation of further commitment or charge. This is a big reason I had decided to go: I thought that I would at least get the peace of mind in getting confirmation that my teeth couldn’t be fixed without drastic measures, or discover that treatment would be cost-prohibitive, and then leave. That first consultation helped me see that treatment for me could be feasible, non-drastic, and affordable.

I made a second appointment, and was reassured that I could cancel beforehand if I had changed my mind about going forward with treatment. I was given an initial estimate of 18 months in braces to fix my teeth. As it turns out, given Dr. Parrish’s work and my following the rules of care and regular appointment instructions, it only took a year. Just 12 months in braces fixed the snaggle-tooth and gum problems I had lived with for almost twenty years!

Throughout the process, every new stage of movement in my teeth led to new concerns: new bite alignment, problems chewing on one side, crooked-looking front teeth, etc. At every appointment my concerns were listened to, and if they had to do an extra tweak here or there based on my report of a problem, they would do it then and there. If it didn’t require extra work, they would reassure me about what I was experiencing, and always insisted I could come in for an extra session if things didn’t happen as expected.

Given prior testimony and my own continued experience from appointment to appointment, I had great trust in Dr. Parrish’s discerning eye in determining what teeth needed what adjustments, and I was always at ease after he had looked at and worked on my teeth and spoken with me about his recommendations and my concerns. Thank you, Dr. Parrish!

Regarding Dr. Parrish’s staff: those wonderful ladies who helped me with billing and scheduling, pictures and X-rays, molds and fitting, and the regular treatment and adjustment of the orthodontics, were all amazing, friendly, great at their jobs, and personally reassuring. To Eileen, Thea, Debbie, Jane, Ranelle, Rhonda, Stacy, and Vanessa: Thank you so much!

— Lewis P.

Great job with my son Landin Schenkel. I am very pleased!!!!!

— Nick Schenkel

Both of our boys went through IPO. The staff is amazing. So professional and gave both boys beautiful smiles but also very caring and personal. It’s been at least a year since we’ve seen them and yet when we run into a staff member outside of IPO, they remember us by name. Wonderful experience.

— Laura Whitney Beal

They did a great job on my teeth. I can’t stop looking at them!

— Austin

It was a great experience. Everyone is so friendly and always in a good mood.

— Breonah

Everyone was super nice and every appointment was efficient and quick. The process of Pulfer leaving and the new orthodontists coming in was smooth with no problem. I would recommend this to anyone who’s looking to have a pain-free and quick braces experience.

— Tori

The staff is truly amazing! They took such great care of my daughter these last 2 years, it’s hard to believe she is now braces-free! We are very pleased with the results. A million thanks to all of you.

— Sandra Cole Townsend