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Summer Snacking Guide

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It’s almost summertime, which means warm weather, longer days, and all the yummy foods that come along with barbecues, cookouts, and family vacations! You may think that with braces you’ll be left out of all the delicious summer snacking, but don’t fear, there are more options than you’d think! A little creativity, and a few substitutions here and there, and you won’t miss a thing.

Let’s start with a few easy swaps to keep your summer snacks braces-safe. Stay away from popcorn, especially caramel corn from that spot on the boardwalk you love…but it’s ok! Find an italian ice or soft serve ice cream spot that will do the trick!  If you’re in need of salt water taffy or other gooey candies for your sugar fix, cotton candy is a soft, fluffier alternative. Just make sure you brush your teeth after!

Grilling out? You can have those crunchy fried chicken wings or grilled ribs, but be careful digging in with a big bite! Just use a fork or knife to remove the meat from the bones – it won’t just spare your braces but it will save you from the saucy, sticky hands! Take advantage of your typical cookout side dishes too – potato salad, mac and cheese, and other dips can be great additions that are gentle on braces and keep you on track in your orthodontic treatment!

Summer is a wonderful time and before long, you will be brace free and have the perfect smile! If you have any questions about which foods are braces-safe this summer, give us a call or stop in and talk at your next appointment with Parrish Orthodontics!