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Meet our Insurance Coordinator, Becky!

Meet Becky!

Becky has been part of the Parrish Orthodontics family for over 23 years! Becky is our Insurance Coordinator, helping our patients with the different payment options and maximizing insurance benefits. Becky is experienced at making insurance coverage an easy process.

This process begins with your complementary exam. After you have been examined by Dr. Parrish, Becky will gather your information, including all your insurance information. She then verifies coverage for you and can give you details about the insurance reimbursement or direct payments to our office. With this information, she can also help you find an ideal payment plan, making your dream smile a reality.

“Parrish Orthodontics offers free exams, interest free financing, paid in full and family discounts. We also offer financing through Care Credit,” explained Becky.

What is Becky’s favorite part about her job at Parrish Orthodontics? Simple. “I love working with the parents and patients and helping them achieve their financial arrangement with Parrish Orthodontics. This means the parent can enjoy their beautiful, healthy, life-long smile.”

If you’re ready for your perfect smile to become a reality, it’s time to visit us at Parrish Orthodontics. From your initial consultation, to your final appointment, we’re with you every step of the way. Scheduling your complementary exam is simple. Follow the link to fill out a short contact form, and our team will contact you to set up your appointment!