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Reasons to Kick an Ice Eating Habit

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It’s not uncommon for people to get to the bottom of a cold drink and chew on an ice cube or two. Some people love the cool crunch, and most people love the sweet treat of shaved ice and popsicles when it’s hot. But for some people, chewing ice is an addictive habit that is hard to break – and it’s not good for your teeth!

Why is it so bad, you might ask?

For some, ice chewing is a year round habit, but for others it is worse in the summer months. Orthodontists can become busy this time of year due to ice breaking teeth, injuring gums, and damaging orthodontic appliances. Your jaw can become sore, tooth sensitivity can increase, and fillings or crowns can become damaged. Tooth enamel can even be worn away by ice chewing.

The bottom line is: it will damage your teeth and oral health over time. And, it can delay dental or orthodontic treatment in order to resolve damage! Not only will it take longer to create that beautiful smile, but it can be expensive too! If you’re a frequent ice chewer (multiple times a day) it can be a sign of serious health issues, like anemia. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you can’t kick the habit.

Just a helpful hint from your friends at Parrish Orthodontics!