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Free Consultations and X-Rays Detect Dental Conditions Early

Good news, everyone! Parrish Orthodontics offers complimentary consultations!

That’s right! So if you’ve ever wondered “where’s a convenient dentist office near me?” then now’s a perfect chance to come over to our clinic for a free dental checkup.

At Parrish Orthodontics you’ll be in the best hands. With the consultation, Dr. Parrish will give you a thorough examination. We also provide complimentary X-rays. And if something turns up Dr. Parrish will discuss a custom treatment plan to create your beautiful smile. We will also discuss insurance coverage, flexible payment plans, and answer any questions you may have.

We can answer pressing questions like how much do braces cost or how your teeth will be after braces. We will also determine which dental or orthodontic treatment will best suit you.

At Parrish Orthodontics, we always strive to make sure our patients are unreservedly informed about every aspect of every appointment from the moment you set foot into our office. Our complimentary consultations are the first step towards achieving your best smile. So schedule an appointment with us when you are ready.

Early Diagnosis and Treatment Produces Better Outcomes

The importance of dental checkups cannot be emphasized enough. Especially if you think you have dental or orthodontic concerns that need looking into. Don’t delay your assessment, because an early diagnosis will be important for timely treatment and better results. 

Your first consultation at Parrish Orthodontics, which is for free, will be crucial in finding problems early and treating them before they develop any further. These sessions are one hour long and include services such as pictures and panoramic X-rays for your teeth. 

Complimentary X-rays will reveal the state of your teeth, gums and jaw, helping the dentist assess your state of dental health, see if there’s anything wrong, and determine what treatments are necessary. These pictures and X-rays are very useful because even if no issues or concerns are detected, these will provide a baseline that can be used as reference in the future should anything else come up.

At Parrish Orthodontics, we strive to ensure our patients are informed so they can make the right choices for their health. We will work with you to formulate a personalized treatment plan.

Our complimentary consultations are the first step towards achieving your best smile.


Interested in getting your first consultation at Parrish Orthodontics? Reach out to schedule a consultation with us! We have clinics in Fort Wayne, Huntington, Churubusco, and Bluffton, Indiana; as well as Van Wert and Paulding, Ohio.