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Your Braces Style Guide

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Are you about to get braces? Not sure how to feel? Let us reassure you with this braces style guide! This is your shot to turn your braces into a fashion statement! There are a variety of ways to play up your braces from Parrish Orthodontics to highlight your unique personality.

Each brace has a tiny rubber band called an elastomere, which holds the wire into the brace. This is how we move your teeth! And, these elastomeres make your braces a fun and customizable fashion statement. Hold up the colors in the mirror and see how they pop against your face and hair and you can highlight your skin tone and hair color!  You might be surprised which colors really add to your style.

In addition, when choosing your colors, pick ones that make your teeth look whiter. Clear and white can discolor between appointments and influence the apparent color of the teeth. So, if you like the look of light-colored elastics, alternate them with a darker color. Mix and match colors to add personality and funk to your smile. Pastels, rainbows, or themes such as holiday, school, or sporting team colors are fun and easy ways to accessorize your new braces.

Plus, you can pick new colors at every appointment! These unexpected twists will make you the talk of the town!