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What Are the Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment?

clear braces “Why do I need braces?” It’s a common question, and sometimes looking at a long-term course of orthodontic treatment can seem intimidating. But, whether you are getting braces, Invisalign, expanders, or really any type of orthodontic treatment, the end result is so much more than just a beautiful smile. There are financial, emotional, aesthetic and even health benefits to your course of orthodontic treatment.

Braces Will Save You Money in the Long Run

Braces or other orthodontic devices are a financial investment, and at Parrish Orthodontics, we not only strive to make them affordable for you and your needs, but ensure your treatment will prevent other issues in the future. Orthodontics improve your overall oral health, and saving your teeth and gums from damage now, will ultimately help lower dental costs for your future.

Orthodontics Will Improve Your Self-Esteem

A great smile leaves a lasting impression, and becoming more comfortable and confident with your smile will make you feel amazing as you put your best face forward! It is so much more than just the aesthetic appeal of looking “pretty” with straight teeth – braces can single handedly improve self confidence, once you see how great you look and, more importantly, feel with a new smile.

Orthodontic Treatment Improves Your Well-Being

We already mentioned that orthodontics improve your overall health, but just how exactly? Well, straight teeth make it easier to floss, brush and clean your teeth properly. This helps lower your risks for cavities, gum disease, and other dental health issues. Straight teeth that are properly aligned and well-positioned are actually less prone to physical damage, like chipping or breaking a tooth! Orthodontic treatments can also correct bite issues and jaw strain. This helps to not only relieve pain, but can resolve teeth grinding and digestive issues occasionally caused by improper chewing.

All in all, orthodontic treatment is a necessary investment. And, it doesn’t just help your teeth and gums stay healthy! It can also make you happier and more confident with your smile!